Vendor Process

1431462718_group_full_edit-256An incredible variety of businesses are already a part of our vendor program. The Polaris Leasing process is simple and brings results to the bottom line.

  1. Call our sales department to have a quote customized for your customer
  2. Submit the lease application. Include an equipment description and cost or a supplier invoice/quote.
  3. Credit decision will be provided by fax/phone that day, and usually within 1 – 2 hours on all transactions under $30,000. (48 hours may be needed for applications over $30,000).
  4. We will prepare the required paperwork. We can send the documents to you or directly to your customer.
  5. Once all documents are completed and returned by the customer to our office received by 12:00 noon Central time, vendors will be paid within 2 business days.
  6. The bill of sale is sold to Polaris Leasing and equipment is shipped to the lessee. (Any advance payments must be made payable to Polaris Leasing and must be from the lessee.)
  7. Polaris Leasing will contact the lessee directly by phone for confirmation of delivery and acceptance.