Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a lease?

An agreement by to pay “rent” during a scheduled period of time for the right to use the equipment. At the end of the lease, you may have the option to buy the equipment, renew the lease or return the equipment to Polaris Leasing.

2. Who can lease?

Anyone using the equipment for business/commercial use can reap the benefits of leasing. This includes companies, associations, Corporations, proprietorships, and those who are self-employed. Polaris does not lease equipment to individuals for personal use.

3. Why don’t I just borrow the money and buy the equipment?

There are many benefits to leasing. If you borrow money to buy and own equipment, you use credit that may have the ability to earn higher returns than the cost of the lease payments. Leasing is a new source of credit and you are likely able to "expense" the payments.

4. What has to happen before I receive the equipment?

It is a simple process. We review the credit information supplied on your application. A leasing consultant will contact you and provide contracts by courier or e-mail, which you sign and return. Delivery arrangements are made with the equipment supplier

5. Who owns the leased equipment?

As the lessor, Polaris Leasing owns the equipment. You may choose to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease.

6. Will I be approved for a lease?

To date, Polaris Leasing offers a very high approval ratio. Credit approval is determined by length of time in business, references from bank and trades and credit ratings.

7. Can equipment be purchased at the end of the lease?

Yes. You can choose to continue to lease, purchase the equipment or return the equipment to us.

8. Can I add equipment to the lease?

Yes. Provided you have an acceptable payment history and there is no adverse change to your credit profile, new equipment can easily be added.

9. Can I purchase the equipment during the lease?

Yes. You can purchase the equipment during the lease. Although generally not advised, just contact one of our lease consultants who will provide you with what your best options would be.

10. Is there sale tax?

Yes. Sales tax is added to each lease payment and charged separately.

11. Who services/maintains the equipment?

You, the lessee, are responsible for equipment maintenance. Your manufacturer’s warranties apply to the leased equipment.

12. Must the equipment be insured?

Yes. Insurance is required on all leased equipment. If you wish, we can provide you with this insurance or simply provide proof of insurance from you local insurance broker